Matin electronic Company was established in 2002 by a group of professional engineers. And now as a pioneer of electronic protection schemes and projects in the country is proud of the most advanced systems design and implement protective security at different levels. In addition to activities in Electronic Security Systems has started its activities in the field of X-RAY control systems since 1390. Proceed to supply and install different X-RAY inspection equipment at customs and other agencies. The company has more than a decade of professional activities in these fields have experienced engineers and dedicated team of specialized departments in the country, retained in the organizational chart.

Matin electronics engineering company managed to record license in the field of X-RAY at the Companies Registration records in the country to No. 112/92/4606 on 1392/1/31. So that it can continue its activities as perfectly legal and valid.


Matin electronic intends to be a technology and know-how based Company in addition to strong presence as an EP Contractor in electronic sector.


The mission of Matin electronic is to create a scientific and professional environment in order to present either satisfactory services in field of electronic sector and influential capacity to facilitate the trend of independency and industrial improvement of our country. In accordance with Environmental requirements and obligation.in addition Project control and project management to improve quality and in accordance with the schedule and budget in executive contracts